The Gospel Project curriculum for students focuses on three key elements: Gospel story; Gospel culture; and Gospel mission. “From Genesis the Revelation, we celebrate the redemptive plan that unfolds throughout all Scripture.  We believe the gospel ultimately draws us into community and helps us develop a culture that is saturated by grace and the gospel. Good news is contagious, and The Gospel Project encourages people of all ages to live invitationally—at home and around the world.”

Recommended age: 6-12 (HS & MS option)

Gender: Both

2022-2023 Curriculum: 6th Grade

In the Beginning >>

Made in His Image >>

Made for His Glory >>

Relationships Broken >>

Sin Spreads >>

A World Purged >>

A People Scattered >>

A Family Preserved >>

The God of Providence >>

God Shares His Name >>

God Shows His Power >>

2022-2023 Curriculum: 7th-12th Grade

God Saves His People >>

God Shows His Faithfulness >>

Failure in the Wilderness >>

The Way of Faithfulness >>

Faithlessness at the Mountain >>

The Place of Meeting >>

Means of Worship >>

A Rebellious People >>

An Unfaithful Prophet >>

An Ungrateful People >>

A Holy People >>